008 – Emotional Intelligence – Relationship Management

Relationship management relies on your use of self-awareness, self-management and, especially, social awareness to understand what’s going on and how it is affecting you. All of these will help you consider what other people’s wants and needs as well as developing your understanding of the cause of their behaviour.

Showing your understanding to a person’s situation helps building trust. People will feel as though they can talk to you about their problems which could then lead to a deeper, more meaningful relationship with others.

Working well with others is a process that begins with emotional awareness and your ability to recognize and understand what other people are experiencing. Once emotional awareness is in play, you can effectively develop additional social/emotional skills that will make your relationships more effective, fruitful and fulfilling.

According to Goleman, the competencies associated with relationship management are:

  • Influence – your ability to build a consensus and win people’s support by being able to focus on what is important to others.
  • Leadership – be the person that others choose to follow.
  • Developing Others – by recognizing others’ strengths and offering challenges to develop them.
  • Communication – plan your communications to ensure the right emotional tone is used.
  • Change Catalyst – be willing to question established ideals and initiate new ideas, recognizing when change is needed.
  • Conflict Management – realizing when a situation is heading towards conflict and taking quick and decisive action to resolve it.
  • Building Bonds – by cultivating an extensive network of colleagues, acquaintances, and friends that has mutual benefit.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration – defining your success criteria in such a way that everyone can make their own unique and valued contribution.

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