004 – The Power of Emotional Intelligence

There is such a high importance for ALL people to have an understanding of emotional intelligence to help them in work and life, yet many people are not even aware of emotional intelligence or do not pay it much mind.

Big Mistake…

Psychologytoday.com define EQ as –

“The ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others”

Emotional intelligence (EQ) affects how we manage behaviour, manoeuvre through social experiences and make personal decisions that achieve positive results. Years of research suggests that emotional intelligence as the critical factor that sets high performing people apart from the rest of the pack.

For some reason EQ is something we don’t learn in school. No one ever really talks about EQ in day-to-day life so I am writing this to help you develop an understanding of your own emotional intelligence and how you can apply it to your work and life.

This is made up of four core skills that pair up fewer than two primary competencies:

  • Personal competence
  • Social competence

Personal competence is made up of self-awareness and self-management skills, which involves being aware of your emotions and manage your behaviour.

  • Self-awareness – your ability to meticulously understand your emotions and stay aware of them when they happen.
  • Self-management – your ability to use your understanding and awareness of your emotions to develop them into positive outcomes

Social competence is made up of social awareness and relationship management skills. This is your ability to understand other’s emotions and behaviour in order to build and maintain high quality relationships.

  • Social awareness – your ability to consider what other people’s’ wants and needs are, as well as understanding the true cause of their behaviour.
  • Relationship management – your ability to comprehend your own emotions and the emotions of others to build strong connections and manage positive and successful interactions

Emotional intelligence is the foundation to many key skills needed to be a successful, high performer as it hugely affects our everyday actions and behaviour.


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