003 – Continuous Learning

In the business world today, it is easy for people to not bother with their personal development. My time working in such a fast pace business environment, my apprenticeship has taught me that I can not rely on others to teach me. I must take initiative and ask the relevant people.

This is something I have never thought about during my school years. Back in school, teachers were there to spoon feed you answers and hand hold you through exams to help their cause. 

But in a working environment where the teachers are also your colleagues, it becomes harder to find the time you really develop your skills.  

In my opinion, I believe the individual needs to take it upon them to do their own personal research. We live in a world where I can live in London and have access to a training course provided by a professional living in America or any other country in the world for under £20. 

Surprisingly, the use of online training is not yet the norm. Most people still have the mentality of “I have a First in my XXXXX degree, and now I don’t have to learn anymore”. This mentality will only damage the true potential of that individual. 

Imagine the possibilities that could show, if you knew how to successfully manage a project, digitally market your product/s, be a good conversationalist and/or understand and develop innovative ideas.  

Online classes are not the only way you can continuously learn. You could read more books to build your vocabulary, ask experts of their field question to help you understand and learn from their mistakes.

To me, continuous learning is one of the best ways to be successful in business and your own personal life. 


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